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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by christopher, Nov 24, 2005.

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    I've got some ISPConfig newbie questions. I can post these questions in
    separate threads if I should... if it would be more helpful for the list.
    I sure would appreciate the benefit of your knowledge!

    Section 1.2 of the admin manual claims that I should have an "ISP Invoice"
    section, but I don't see that on my installation. I don't need an Invoice
    section, but is something broken?

    When I click Management->Server->Settings, I get the error message,
    "The following error occurred: The requested document type does not exist."
    This happened as a result of trying to fix a problem for a reseller: he could
    not empty his recycle bin. Neither could I through ISPConfig. I searched
    though the ISPConfig tables and deleted all occurances of "systems" (as I recall)
    because that was a part of his domain name. Stupid on my part, obviously.
    Is there SQL I can use to repair this?

    Backup ZIP files don't want to unzip.

    How can I use Bastille to DROP a given IP address?

    In my ISP Manager->Reseller Name->Statistics, I see no Traffic Overview.

    If I ping one of the hosted domains (ping, each reply
    comes back from a different domain that had been setup in ISPConfig.

    Reply From
    Reply From
    Reply From
    Reply From

    It seems that I must have multiple IP addresses to host multiple SSL sites
    with ISPConfig. For name-based hosting, my pre-ISPConfig custom has been
    to keep many SSL sites on one IP address, each with a separate, non-default
    port for each site. For example, I could use
    instead of the default 443, which needs no port specification. This way I
    can stack many secure web sites on one IP address. How can I use a specific
    port for SSL, not just the default of 443?

    The compilation of stats do not seem to be working.

    Thank you for any help!

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  2. falko

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    No, there's no invoice module in ISPConfig; it's part of the commercial 42goISP, but somehow it must have made it into the manuel...:eek:

    :eek: :eek: Never (as in never) edit ISPConfig tables manually!!!
    The best thing now is to uninstall ISPConfig (run
    ) and install it again.

    Do you have the latest ISPConfig version (2.1.1) installed?

    You can do this manually by running
    /sbin/route add -host <ip_address> reject
    You can't.
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