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Discussion in 'General' started by wintermute666, Oct 25, 2016.

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    Hi Folks,
    iam an administrator of a small Hosting Site (roundabout 100 Customers) and i want migrate my actual ISPConfig Structure a little bit bigger. Therefore there where some questions for an best practice to do that. My Actual Configuration looks like follows:
    1 Single Server , Vritualized with Proxmox in 2 VM, 1 for Web & 1 for mail services. Both are OpenVZ Containers and running fine without any error.

    What will i change ?
    i rented an Rack space with (first) one physical Machine, which will be running debian 8 and the actual Proxmox Software (4.4). The physical Machine have 6 NIC, an 512 GB Raid 1 with NVMe SSD and a 2x2 TB Raid 1 HDD. 2 CPU Core i7 HexaCore and 128 GB RAM completes.

    My Setup (planned):
    2 KVM/qemu as Mail service (with mailstorage mounted via NFS at /var/spool/... ) pointed in different IP Ranges
    2 LXC Containers as DNS services pointed in different IP Ranges
    1 KVM/qemu as DB Server using an internal Network for Database
    n LXC Container (1 for each Customer) with own IP (for SSL) and 1 external NIC + 1 internal NIC
    (maybe the LXC Containers mount an iSCSI Target as /var/www later)

    My Questions:
    a) is this an good setup ?
    b) i think its possible to administer this with ispconfig ?
    c) performance ok (many sites in my actual setup using WP or Shopware) ?

    There will no Billing Module in ISPconfig , i only use it for Setup !


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