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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by Ovidiu, Apr 21, 2016.

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    I found this howto: which is using an older Version of Ubuntu but as the howto has absolutely no date and not even the comments have a date I have no idea how old that tutorial is and if there might be a newer one.

    My first question is if one can use one email gateway to filter incoming emails for SPAM and viruses with all bells and whistles like this tutorial seems to do for MULTIPLE MTAs.
    So what I mean is, can I have one Email Gateway filtering incoming emails then forwarding the emails for different domains to different servers? Say I have multiple small VPS machines which cannot run their own mail filtering due to resource limitations so I'd like to have one gateway handle
    incoming mails for them while they will continue to work as outgoing mail servers but only accept incoming emails from the gateway?

    I've also found this script: which uses the same old Ubuntu version but seems to have been updated regularly.

    Another options seems this one: but it looks like this gets installed on each mail server aka not a gateway?

    Additionally I found mailscanner and scrollout (scrollout specifically mentions it can protect multiple domains and servers)

    Any other links for me to read up on?
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    The tutorial is for Ubuntu 12.04 as the title says, so you have the exact Ubuntu version (which even contains the date in its name) were this instruction apply to. So they are valid from the day Ubuntu 12.04 got released for Ubuntu 12.04 and they will work in the exact same way for Ubuntu 12.04 in 100 years. So the age of a tutorial does not matter at all as letters neither gets better nor worse when they get older. What matters is for which exact OS version it has been written and the OS version is Ubuntu 12.04 and that's mentioned in the title of the guide, so you can't miss that.This means that this tutorial is and has been tested for Ubuntu 12.04, it might be that it works in newer versions of course and its worth a try.

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