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Discussion in 'Programming/Scripts' started by Richardo Guirelli, Sep 20, 2016.

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    I am running an osCommerce app on I'm not a php expert though. I recently found that some admin pages give errors. I narrowed the problem down to the following line:

    Code (markup):I think it's because "register_argc_argv" is off in global php configuration.
    I created php.ini in the web root directory and the file has register_argc_argv = on. But it doesn't seem to override the default option. So here are my questions:

    - Can I override "register_argc_arg" in my php.ini on Do you have experience with them.
    - If I can't change "register_argc_argv" option, what can I do?
    - I want to avoid modify all source codes. But if that's the only option, how should I change the problem line?

    I need your help, thanks in advance
  2. Not sure setup of your hosting provider.
    But if they are using suPhp handler then you can inherit the php.ini parameters by putting following line in .htaccess

    suPHP_ConfigPath /put/path/of/your/php.ini

    However, i will recommend to check this issue with thier support team.

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