[GlusterFS] How many HD space take the syncro

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  1. pierrot10

    pierrot10 New Member

    Good afternoon to all.
    I red the IspConfig3 Manual and at the page 24 it ask me to create 3 volder
    and at the page 47 it ask me to create 3 Volumes
    I do not really understand how it will work !
    Someone can explian how work the volume?

    While syncronizinf the data from the Master to the Slave, the dat will be syncronized (of course), but some sync data will be stored into the 3 created folders (temporyrely or not)?
    The the HD space wll increase?

    Someone a explain the notion of Volume for GlusterFS?

    Many thank for all
  2. Norman

    Norman Member HowtoForge Supporter

    I recommend you read up on the term "volume" in terms of data and storage.
    This is a general well known term.

    It does not refer to the size of an object, it's simply a term which describe the object itself. For example as a logical mount point where data areas are mounted.

    In this case.
    The "volumes" are directories which are used as the mount points for the glusterfs filesystems. Precisely as the guide says.
  3. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    The data will be stored into these directories that you created. But it is the same data, so it will have the same size and not increase.

    Basically you can see this glusterfs setup as a Raid 1 over a TCP network.
  4. pierrot10

    pierrot10 New Member

    Ok thank for your explication.
    The I do not need to forsee HD space for GlusterFS replication.
    If I want to have 2T for web site, mail and db, the Gluster processus will not take space of the 2T.

    thank for your explication

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