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Discussion in 'Desktop Operation' started by bschultz, Mar 16, 2007.

  1. bschultz

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    I've recently installed gnome as my desktop environment so that I could use a VNC Server. I use the linux machine as a web/mail server running ISPConfig, but I also stream (on occasion) audio from this box for the radio station that I work for.

    I have two questions, both (I think) related. The reason that I needed to install the VNC server was that I needed to access the machine (from 1000 miles away) to reset some audio settings after a reboot. First of all, how do I save the audio config settings so that after a reboot, the line-in is still selected as the main input? Currently, after a reboot, the audio settings all go back to a default setting.

    Also, after installing gnome, I can't log in as root to the desktop environment. If I do any audio editing (using Audactiy) I get the error message of:

    Since I can only login under gnome as any of the ISPConfig users (root not being one of them) I can't access the sound card. If I log into this machine on the VNC (as root), the audio card is accessible.

    My two questions: How do I save the audio settings...and how do I access the sound card as a non-root user?



    PS...I should add that I'm using Debian Sarge.
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  2. falko

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    I'm not sure about the audio settings, but you can become root by typing
    in a terminal.
  3. bschultz

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    Thanks for your response. If I su in the terminal, I'm only "root" in the terminal session...the Gnome session that creates my desktop (thus running Audacity) is still in the normal user, so I still can't access the sound card.
  4. falko

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    Do you get any error message when you try to log in to GNOME as root?
  5. bschultz

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    In the login screen, it lists all of the ISPConfig users...but not root. If I type in the root login info, I get a "root logins are not allowed" message.
  6. falko

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  7. bschultz

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    I don't have a /etc/gdm directory.
  8. bschultz

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    OK...I re-installed gnome and gdm and then I was able to edit the cofig file. It still wouldn't let me login via root.

    So, i got to thinking. Why am I trying to open myself up to problems? Why not just authorize a "normal" ISPConfig user to access the audio.

    Here's the error message I got when adding the user (with this command ...adduser ISPConfig_user audio)

    adduser: `/usr/bin/gpasswd -M other_user_name,ISPConfig_user audio' returned error code 1. Aborting.

    Why is the OTHER username showing up in the error message? It's a user that I don't even use (I don't think, anyway!)

  9. falko

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    What was the exact command you used? Is that other user listed in /etc/passwd?

    There were lots of other hits when I searched for "gnome rot login" on Google. Maybe one of them helps you.
  10. bschultz

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    adduser ISPConfig_user audio

    Yes, but I didn't type in that user

    I've Googled too...and they all say to add the line to the config file, which I did. I then try to login with the root username and password and it brings me right back to the login prompt. Before I added that line in the config file, I got an error message that root logins weren't I only get the login page again.

    EDIT: I went in a manually edited the /etc/group file and added the user that I wanted (my ISPConfig user) to audio, and all works well.

    Thanks, Falko!
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