GNOME startup apps: where the file with commands?

Discussion in 'Desktop Operation' started by kaza, Jul 25, 2009.

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    I recently installed FC11 (few times, multi-cores problems + novice
    LINUX sysadmin, me). After solving some basic problems
    I'm continuing the customization of my desktop. I searched
    how to set up GNOME session so that it'll remember the state/locations
    of various apps I would like to be open all the times (like gnome-terminal
    at specific coordinates with "top" runing it it and also a "gkrellm").
    I remember in FC9 I has such thing among the many system menu items
    but currently I don't see it. I found "System->Preferences->Startup apps."
    and found the option "Automatically remember running application
    when logging out", I checked it when the "gkrellm" and gnome-terminal
    with "top" were running. At the next reboot, the "gkrellm" came up OK
    but the gnome-terminal opened up in the correct coordinates
    but without the "top". So I decided I'll find the file where these commands
    are listed and add to the "gnome-terminal" the argument to start "top".
    But where these startup commands are stored? So far I couldn't
    find them.

    Alternatively, in FC9 I had sesison manager which strangely is absent from
    my current menus (although "ps -elyf | grep session" shows "gnome-session"),
    did I missed a package to install?

  2. btomasik

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    Try ~/.config/autostart

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