Gracefully renewing SSL certs in ISP Config?

Discussion in 'General' started by Spawnsworth, May 23, 2017.

  1. Spawnsworth

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    Hi guys,

    Looking for some help here on RENEWING SSL certs on ISP Config 3. We have versions from 3.0.* up until current version. Creating the certs is no problem but when it comes to renewing them, we haven't actually found a reliable way of doing this without needed to access the backend of the server via SSH and creating a new key there.

    At the moment, we're using a different CA than we did the year before so we're having to generate new CSRs (therefore new key). It just means when we generate the a new CSR to be sent to the new CA then a new key is generated and overwrites the old one. Then the SSL will break as the new key no longer matches the cert.

    What is the most graceful way of renewing within the control panel as clearly we are doing something wrong here!

  2. till

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    Normally you won't create a new CSR when you renew a cert, you just use the existing CSR to get a new cert, then paste that new cert into the SSL cert field, choose 'save certificate' as action and press save.

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