Hard Drive Recovery Software in ubuntu???

Discussion in 'Technical' started by kmckinley, Nov 30, 2010.

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    Good Morning all,

    Last week my wife's Hard Drive died. She had Windows Vista on it and the partition that it is on is now corrupt. I've bought a new hard drive and installed ubuntu on it. (by the way I love ubuntu!!!). I'm trying to recovery data off the old hard drive. Does anyone know of a Linux program that would be worth a try? I've found a program call FINDNTFS, but I only can find installs for Windows. I'm open to all suggestions that might help recover data.

    Thank you in advance!

  2. falko

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    Have you tried to mount the broken hard drive in Ubuntu? If this works, it might be possible to rescue the most important files/folders from the broken hard drive.
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    If Falko's suggestion does not work, you can always try getdataback from runtime.org or r-studio works great as well hearing that from the experience of some of my friends. (they even recovered pictures on a hard drive from about 10 formats ago :)) (this can happen if the drive is quick formatted (a quick format does not kill your data, it just destroys the reference to the data on the drive thus the data will still be on the hard drive) and no new data has been written on the regions that was previously filled with older data.)

    Or the last resort, if the data is all that important, would be to send it to a specialized data recovery center. Be sure to ask for a quote first, since these services can cost quite a bit of money but they have been succesfull in recovering data on hard drives that have been in fires, explosions, ...
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