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  1. _mag_

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    I don't speak english very well i hope you can understand me.

    I have some problems i hope you can help me...

    My question is about ispconfig ...

    Always i have in my DB sql and my mail users

    web1_ blablabla.
    It's confused because my sql has web11_db1.
    I dont' undestant

    And before the intalation of ispconfig..

    As do I add ftp users ?
    Because when i entered in ftp i type web11_u1 :(
    Help me !!!
  2. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    Mail and mySQL users are different usertypes.

    mailusers are linux system users, they where stored in /etc/passwd.
    MySQL users are users for accessing a mySQL database. They are stored in the mySQL database with the name "mysql".

    FTP and Mailusers are the same. You can login to your server with FTP with the maulsuser web1_ blablabla and the password you chose for this user.

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