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    Hi everyone

    I wrote the following code from an OS book. But when I compiled it the following msg had appeared:

    In function 'main': undefined reference to 'pthread_create'
    In function 'main': undefined reference to 'pthread_join'

    I don't understand what it means exactly!!

    int sum;
    void* runner(void *param);
    int main(int argc, char *argv[]){
    	pthread_t tid;
    	pthread_attr_t attr;
    	if(argc !=2){
    		printf("usage: a.out <int value>\n");
    		return -1;
    	if( atoi(argv[1]) < 0 ){
    		printf("%d must be >= 0\n",atoi(argv[1]));
    		return -1;
    	pthread_create(&tid,&attr,(void *)runner,(void *)argv[1]);
    	printf("sum = %d\n",sum);
    void* runner(void *param){
    	int i, upper=atoi(param);
    		sum +=i;
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    compile this code in the following way

    gcc code.c -lpthread

    where code.c is assumed to be the filename of your c code.

    I have just registered to reply. i shall not be checking back. so, dont expect a reply. sorry for inconvenience.

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