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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by storskogen, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. storskogen

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    Hi, i want to run my own DNS for my domain, because i have dynamic IP from my ISP i have registered my domain with to be able to update my IP without paying everytime. Then i have made an A record pointing my domain to my ISPConfig server (that is behind a firewall, with port 53 and 80 open and pointing to the server).

    Do i have to open any other ports to get the DNS to work?
    I want to point some of my subdomains to my internal net and some to other servers on the internet.

    What do i put in "DNS Manager/[DOMAIN]/DNS Entry/Options/Nameserver 1? My server or ZoneEdit's ns?

    Maybe someone know's about some howto for DNS with ISPConfig?
  2. storskogen

    storskogen New Member

    I found the howto:
    and have followed that one, but i still cant access my subdomains. If i make a new site in ISPConfig i can access that one via http. But not the subdomains under DNS config.

    I can access my and because they are set at
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  3. till

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    It takes up to 48 hours until changes in dns get propagated, so you might just have to wait some time.
  4. storskogen

    storskogen New Member

    Thanks, i'll wait until tomorrow and try again, thougth it would go as fast as in ZoneEdit's GUI

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