Help needed - postfix/dovecot problem when receiving emails

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    Hi. I have one strange problem with either postfix or dovecot. For some reason, I cannot receive emails...
    When I connect with Thunderbird client to a Dovecot/Postfix server, I dont't get any errors in the /var/log/maillog, quite opposite. In logs, it appears that client is connected to IMAP on port 993, and sendmail via port 587. Troubleshooting I haven't noticed any issues. I cannot find a cause, why I cannot get emails with a client. Is it Postfix that causes an issue (perhaps that logs are wrongw and it didn't do the job properly) or maybe Dovecot that has no permissions to read them or find them or whatever...

    P. S. Speaking of permissions.

    Both users have this permission;
    and inside
    and in Maildir:
    Mail Log:
    In /etc/aliases I haven't added those two users..., but I don't know if I really need to...
    Does anyone knows what can be the issue that I cannot get emails?

    Configuration files are uploaded as I am limited only to 1000 characters to post this message.

    Thank you in advance

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