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Discussion in 'Desktop Operation' started by rodney, Jun 16, 2006.

  1. rodney

    rodney New Member

    i have recently install linux 10.1 o/s and i dont no much about it i have put my music into banshee and it wont play my music i cant get real player to work says it needs plug ins what ever they are and i dont know where to find these ,

    and if anyone can help also im trying to install my scanner its scan sbut result is only a black pic ???

    im so lost on this o/s im uset to m/windows

    my head phones also dont work but seeing i dont have a player and my cam also ,

    i just wish i could find a manuel which would explain all this and how to get these things working

    well if anyone has any idears which can put me on the right track please advise im not computer minded tho so easy terms plz if anyone is willing
    thanks rodney:mad:
  2. brainz

    brainz Member

    Hello rodney,

    What i can tell you have Suse 10.1 installed..... Here this site might help a little.....

    Suse 10.1

    Hope this helps
    brainz ;):cool:

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