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    vmbox? Is this about ?
    If you installed ISPConfig using that Perfect Server Guide, it is a single server installation. Have you in addition to that installed a separate mail server?
    If you use ISPConfig, you should post in the ISPConfig part of this forum.
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    hi Taleman! thank you for your communication...
    • i used virtualbox as you say
    • i simply uploaded the single image file for the tutorial
    • this file does not seem to load fully???
  4. till

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    The virtual machine image works fine, I use it daily to do ISPConfig development. Which errors does Virtualbox show?

    You send a request about business support fpr Linux and ISPConfig problems. Business support is available here from Schaal @IT, contact Florian to get a quote to fix your problem remotely:
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    Thank you Till.
    • i have done everything correctly to the point the vm launches the image correctly, but the user promt never appears.
    • i think my problem is that of many users who appear on this forum - that of lower technical Linux/debugging/etc, skills.
    • this site is an example of the skills being offered at the level of user intervention needed:
    • it is clear however that there is a shortage of skilled technicians on the freelance site relative to those who might be registered here???
    • i have employed someone to help me, but he prefers to start from scratch on his own work.

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