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Discussion in 'General' started by greenovni, Sep 9, 2009.

  1. greenovni

    greenovni New Member

    I proceeded to clean install ispconfig 2.2.33 on a centos 5.3 perfect server setup.

    Some of my email address are working just fine and some are being shown on the maillog as being sent but I cannot receive them with wither outlook, thunderbird or even roundcube within ispconfig itself. It just says that there are no messages in the inbox.

    Here is the mail log showing a non receipt one. The User that is not receiving emails is [email protected]

    Here is the log showing a sucessful one, in this case
    me @ greenovni.forg

    I highlighted what seems to be different from the two.

    Any ideas how I can fix this? Been searching for hours :(
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  2. greenovni

    greenovni New Member

    UPDATE: When I try other email (users) within the domain name that is not receiving the email in their inbox, the new users / email happens to work even though the original user (sales @ ovnisales) does not receive emails in their inbox.
  3. _X_

    _X_ New Member

    according to this:

    dsn=2.0.0, status=sent (delivered to maildir)

    DeliveryStatusNotification (dsn) is ok and with status sent ... only real question is: to which maildir did it went? :confused:
  4. _X_

    _X_ New Member

  5. greenovni

    greenovni New Member

    Yes, I can send mail out from it, I also see that it goes to some maildir but no clue where.

    I opened another email account called [email protected] and that one receives mail.

    I deleted the one called sales and emptied the recycle bin then opened sales again and the same thing happens, the email gets "sent" but my inbox says no emails.
  6. _X_

    _X_ New Member

    Tried over IMAP to access mailbox?
  7. greenovni

    greenovni New Member

    I can access the mailbox with imap and pop3 but the email is not being delivered to the inbox.
  8. _X_

    _X_ New Member

  9. greenovni

    greenovni New Member

    No luck

    I just need to know where in the world these emails are being sent to considering paypal is involved with this particular email address.
  10. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    What's in /etc/aliases?

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