Help to install/configure Proxmox partition in new server to ISPConfig VM and CT

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    Hello every one!

    I will be a rent a new server to convert my physical ISPConfig server in to virtual machines and containers.
    New server information: Intel Xeon E3 (E3-1231v3), 32 GB RAM DDR3, 2x2TB SOFT/JBOD, this is from the enterprise option.

    The default partitions are (
    # | type | file system | mount point | name of LVM Volume | Raid *
    1: primary | ext3 | / | - | 1
    2: primary | swap | swap | - | -
    3: LV | ext3 | /var/lib/vz | data | 1
    * is Software Raid

    The OVH admin system can let me to make my own partition configuration. I recent read that Proxmox only make snapshot to containers in "zfs" filesystem and for VM in any filesystem.

    I will be use VM to ISPConfig Web, and Containers to DB, NS1, NS2 and Mail server.
    What is your recomendation to best partition format in base to my hardware configuration and software raid? I will be host VM and CT.

    Is better change from ext3 to ext4 in base system / ?
    And change the LV form ext3 to zfs?
    Another tip do you can share? All commentary and opinions are welcome!!!

    I appreciate your opinions and time, this is my first virtualization server, I'm right now spend time to learn before deploy the server in the next days.
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