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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by Loboexe, Jan 19, 2010.

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    Hi I am learning Linux and have a real life problem I think Linux can help with. I hope somebody here can say Yes or No to what I am thinking.

    I work for a company that hosts applications that we develop and sell to clients that are accessed via a web browser to a web site. There is both http and https traffic to these web sites.

    We have to move some of our servers from one data centre to another, this means the external IP address will change. As some of our clients are slow on the uptake to give them time we want to set up a server that will proxy requests to the old IP address at data centre A to the new IP address at data centre B. If I get the firewall rules sorted to point all traffic to the old addresses to land on a debian box I have built in the data centre can I use pound to achieve what I want to do ?

    I understand Apache and Squid can do this but as I am learning, reading some info makes me think that both these are (a) hard to configure and (b) overkill.

    Any suggestions very welcome as time is short before this move has to take place
  2. Flash

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    Seriously I would suggest first setting up a DNS name to the server in question (new one obviously) rather then handing out IP numbers to your clients.

    Second of all, the very easyest way to solve this is have the old IP connect (I guess you NAT to inside) to some web server where you can simply redirect the browser ..php or asp if your into that, header or if you dont have either of those, javascript

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