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  1. cougarmaster

    cougarmaster New Member

    I made a mistake and ran the /root/ispconfig/uninstall but chose no to the objects created by ispconfig can i reinstall and have the system running without data loss?

    Please please help
    Tks in advance
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  2. cougarmaster

    cougarmaster New Member

    Please some one help!

    Please help I need to get this server back up running sorry to be rude. Please let me know how to restore the server and I have no back up!

    Please help tks in advance
  3. falko

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    That's bad if you have no backup. Your web sites, email accounts, etc. will continue to work, but you can't re-install ISPConfig on the server because it expects a clean system. If you re-install ISPConfig, the existing objects will not be in ISPConfig's database which means you cannot manage them from ISPConfig.
  4. cougarmaster

    cougarmaster New Member


    I guessed as much anyway I reinstalled a new ISPconfig 2.2.33 and entered everything manually and made a backup :) . But do you know why roundcube cannot display version 0.3

    Tks for the help

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