High i/o by jbd2/md2-8 every day same hour

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  1. Hello,
    We have about three servers whith same issue:

    Every day at same hour (about 10:27) have high i/o. We install iotop and see that jbd2/md2-8 is getting high i/o on ssd disk and get about 2-3 of cpu.

    The issue is with mysql slaves that get a lag every day at same hour...
    We study it and we are sure is not an external cron or high traffic....

    Any kernel parameter can control it? Any idea?


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  2. Hello,

    Can you please install atop command on your server and monitor your server with atop -d command, If mysql is increasing disk IO on your server then try to check which mysql databases is responsible for that. You can check that with mysqladmin -proc command

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