Horizontal lines at startup. please help

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    I downloaded three versions of LINUX. The first being LINUX mint 4 and the second being PCLINUXOS. The live CD of mint ran perfect, it also looked good. Next I tried PclinuxOS, I didn't like the looks and feel of this version so much as mint. Once I finished evaluating I restarted my computer only to find a lot of horizontal lines coming down the screen when the first pictures came up, they're the logos for the motherboard and the first Windows logo, then they cleare once windows is up and running. I have tried all kinds of things to correct this problem, including putting another hard drive in and reinstalling windows with service Pack 2. I then downloaded a third version of LINUX called simplyMEPIS. This version would not load because something had changed in my computers setup, it did advise me to run Windows service Pack 2 again. Already done. Does anyone have any idea what may have happened and what I can do to rectify it. Any help would be appreciated.

    My computers specification

    Graphics card
    ATI Radeon power colour X1300 series game FX graphics board
    PCI express
    256MB GDDR
    128 bit
    Windows Vista ready

    Intel LGA 775 CPU
    DDR2 667
    dual core CPU ready
    Intel 945P express chipset

    Intel Pentium D. Processor 940. Dual core. Intel EM64T supporting 64-bit computing.
    3.20 Ghz 800 MHz FSB 2x2 MB L2 cashe

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