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Discussion in 'General' started by desanidesigns, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. webguyz

    webguyz Active Member HowtoForge Supporter

    Does phpinfo show as having soap installed? Just because apt-get shows you have it, you may need to enable it in php.ini before it works.

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  2. Alex Vojacek

    Alex Vojacek New Member

    Yes it does say exactly that.

    We are trying to discover what went wrong with the developer.
  3. Alex Vojacek

    Alex Vojacek New Member

    Ok, we made it work.

    I created the templates and the program read them perfectly.

    But as soon as I create an account, SOAP says this:

    OAP Error: php_options_notempty ssh_chroot_notempty

    I AM sure they are not empty and has at least one option selected. It seems it wont read the parameters correctly.

    I am using ISPConfig 3.0.5 RC1
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  4. webguyz

    webguyz Active Member HowtoForge Supporter

    Templates is synonmous with hosting plan.

    Template Starter
    100 meg disk
    3 websites
    100 mailboxes

    Template Business
    500 meg disk space
    25 websites
    1000 mailboxes

    Template Corporate
    1 Gig disk space
    unlimited websites
    unlimites mailboxes

    I believe the default template is set to everything be unlimited for all items such as disk, websites, mail

    And yes, it helps to buy and RTFM. Helps support the developers of this fine free product.
  5. Alex Vojacek

    Alex Vojacek New Member

    Yes, I created custom templates, they got read perfectly from the plugin in hostbill, I misunderstood the general idea.

    The problem is that as soon as I create the user, it reports a SOAP error with php options notempty and chroot notempty error which I read it's because they have no option there, but they have!

    Then I found this:

    But I really can't understand that bugtracker, it is reported as a bug aparently, but as fixed but, there is no indication of what is wrong, plus I have the latest RC1 so I don't understand anymore.

  6. Alex Vojacek

    Alex Vojacek New Member

    I am just shocked as how nobody seems to really care that there is no solution to this problem, no plugin that appears to be working and none that seems to need it for this platform.

    I guess I should ditch ispconfig3 and start working with a panel that has an actual plugin bridge that works with hostbill.
  7. Alex Vojacek

    Alex Vojacek New Member

    FYI: I did bought the manual, two copies to be precise, to help the developers, but I'm still alone in this matter.
  8. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    Take a look at the dates of the RC1 release and the bugtracker entry. The RC1 has been released in Decenmber, the bug is marked as closed in january. So how should a Fix be included in a release that has been release before the issue has been fixed??

    So if you want to get the latest ispconfig version, then check it out from SVN:

    svn export svn://

    Not quite sure why you post this complaint here. You bought a software from a company which claims to bridge between hostbill and ispconfig. The company you bought this plugn from is not related to the ispconfig project in any way, so if their software does not work correctly with a given ispconfig version, then you should send them the complaints and not us.

    There is a official billing module available for ispconfig which is especially made to work with ispconfiga nd is tightly integrated.

    Have you asked the company were you bought this bridge plugin if it is compatible with ISPConfig 3.0.5 RC1 at all? The 3.0.5 RC is a test version and no official stable release from ISPConfig. It might simply be that the other company has not updated their product for ISPConfig 3.0.5 yet.

    The ISPConfig developers provide free support from monday to friday. Your posts wrere all posted over the weekend.
  9. Alex Vojacek

    Alex Vojacek New Member

    I am sorry about that, I didn't knew the SVN version was available, I'm going to try that!

    Oh and I am sorry about my last post, it wasn't meant to sound that way, you had the best intentions helping me and you're right that it's the developer whom I bought the plugin the one helping me.

    Will download the latest SVN and test things out!

    Thank you again Till.
  10. Alex Vojacek

    Alex Vojacek New Member

    So, after much waiting, the developer informed me that this plugin WILL NOT work with ispconfig3 version 3.5 so... there it goes my 49 dollars :(

    For all users waiting to try this plugin on ispconfig3, DON'T.

    The developer informed me that it will take some time to make this plugin works with version 3.5 so i'm basically stuck.

    Anyone got the ispconfig that came with hostbill to work with ispconfig 3.5 ?
  11. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    We had released a lot of betas and RC versions before ispconfig 3.0.5 final was released, so the hostbill developer had months of time to test his plugin with ispconfig 3.0.5.

    Btw. the official ispconfig billing module has been available already as RC during the RC releases of ISPConfig 3.0.5 for all our customers and the final version of the new billing module for 3.0.5 gets shipped today.
  12. desanidesigns

    desanidesigns New Member

    It has been several days since you've responded to your support ticket. Since the official release of ISPConfig 3.0.5, there is a new download available for this plugin which is compatible. You can get it from the same download link you received with your purchase.

    For all users wanting to try this plugin, it has been redeveloped and tested to work with ISPConfig 3.0.5.
  13. ispcomm

    ispcomm Member

    Hello desanidesigns,

    as you're reading this thread, I would like to ask to for more information with your plugin.

    I'm looking at automatic a pool of ispconfig servers, mostly handling web sites+mail, but provisioning dns would be nice too.

    Ideally, you'll have a pool of web servers and respective IP range and you would add a new site to the servers in a round-robin (to start with) fashion to each of these servers, until a they're full with a preselected number of sites.

    I'm willing to *pay* for a more professional module for hostbill and I guess many of us trying to use ispconfig beyound the single server small-shop.

  14. Alex Vojacek

    Alex Vojacek New Member

    That's great news !

    I didn't see any e-mail informing of the new version so I assumed it was not ready yet.

    Sorry about that.
  15. Alex Vojacek

    Alex Vojacek New Member

    It works ! it works !!! it worksss !!!!!!!

  16. desanidesigns

    desanidesigns New Member

    This is definitely something worth looking into, the main restriction will be how we are able to work with the round-robin from within HostBill and keeping track of how many accounts have been added to each server and which server was last used in the chain.

    If this is something you're really wanting to pursue, please PM me and we can discuss in detail what may be needed.

  17. ispcomm

    ispcomm Member

    Yes, I'd be interested. Strict round-robin may not be necessary. Just find the server with less accounts on it. Ties will resolve themselfes automagically.

    I'm not sure how and where hostbill allows you to keep data for the module. Either you "select count(accounts) from ispconfig_servers group by server_id" or you use the API to ispconfig to find out which is the server with less accounts and use it.

    A real professional look would be to implement the ispconfig panel inside hostbill client area. When a client logins in hostbill and clicks on its service "manage" button, your module shall lookup on which server that particular domain is hosted and connect the customer to the ispconfig interface (ideally within hostbill interface).

    You can have a look at the proxmox module and see how consoles for VPS are handled within hostbill.

    I the above looks nice to you let's talk via pm for implementation details

  18. ispcomm

    ispcomm Member


    I'm not sure if desanidesigns is still working on his module (seems he's deep into android programming now).

    any chances to have some updates on the status of this module and the multi-server patches I was referring to ?

  19. Danny_Harris

    Danny_Harris New Member

    This program won't work in a multiserver atmosphere. Performs in only one server atmosphere. If you want to buy my duplicate I will offer it for 50% off.
  20. ispcomm

    ispcomm Member

    I could use is as a basis for a properly working module. Can you tell me with that type of encoder it is encrypted (or is it encrypted at all?)

    If you're not sure, you can send me a single encrypted file from the module so I can check myself.

    I have been actually chilled by current hostbill policy changes. It seems that they're not allowing third part modules any more.

    If this is the case, I might as well pass and use whmcs as everybody else.

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