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Discussion in 'General' started by bobsta63, Jun 22, 2006.

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    Hi all,

    Have a queston, I am going to install a webserver using the HowToForge tutorial for 'Perfect Setup for OpenSuSE 10.1' and was really wondering a few things...

    1. If I use DynDNS a free Dynamic DNS Service and have a domain name: can I use this domain name on my server and does this mean replaceing '' from the tutorial to say... ''?

    2.I host the server from home on broadband, If I enable wildcards on my domain eg. *, Does this mean I can setup subdomains on the server and it will be managed by my Internal DNS Server. (BIND 9 installed with ISPConfig).

    Would really appreciate any help, Thanks all,


  2. till

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    Yes. But you shall replace with

    If you enable wildcards, you can setup websites with subdomains in ISPConfig. BIND on your server is not needed for this scenario, as the authoritive nameserver is
  3. brainz

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    Actually the is merely the local server name that you want to setup and this is ok call it wnat you want except without a www in the from of the domain

    rather then this use this

    If you are running the server from your home on broadband what is required is a static ip address and not a dynamic ip address, ispconfig does not work well with dynamic ip address....

    Also once you have setup ispconfig within the admin logon you setup a client and then a web for that client and within the web setup ispconfig allows you to setup as many subdomains as you want.....

    brainz ;):cool:

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