hotmail rejects outgoing email

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by nzimas, Apr 29, 2008.

  1. nzimas

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    I have followed the Perfect Server Setup for Ubuntu 7.04/7.10 several months ago.
    Postfix is relaying automatically generated email from Joomla (through PHP mail function) to almost all mail providers except Hotmail. The message is kept in queue and never sent.

    Here's an example:
    postconf -d outputs the following (verbose alert!!):
    Finally, i have found some valuable info regarding the new anti-spam policies deployed by some global providers, like hotmail (

  2. edge

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    Do a search on this forum for Hotmail, and you will find even more info.
  3. nzimas

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    I am on it.

  4. ibf756

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    I don't know how the MTA works (I use a dual boot here Vista and Debian Lenny) since I have never used one, but I was having trouble with hotmail also. When I was on linux and tried to use the webpage based hotmail, I could view my mail, but not send anything correctly. I would hit new message, type it in and hit send. It would send the message, but the person getting it would get nothing but a header, I guess, because there would be no text in the message body. I searched on web and found somewhere where they had the setting for using a POP3 client to access it. So I installed Icedove email client and tried to set it up. Got it to read incoming mail, but couldn't send any outgoing. The instructions said outgoing used ssl and the use of password authorization, but apparently that was not correct as I changed it to TLS and it worked. Could that be the problem? Probably just an example of microsoft arrogance, to make sure nobody else on another operating system can use their program features.

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