How do I get a constant display??

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  1. AmieGibson

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    > Linux2.6.18.2-default i686
    > KDE 35.5"release45"
    > We have some SuSE 10.2 boxes
    > we want the display up 7/24.
    > Deactivating the screen saver
    > does not help, nor does anything
    > we can find in yast.
    > xset s off
    > xset -dpms
    > Will do what we need,
    > but they do not survive reboot,
    > and they do confusing things when
    > we use x11vnc.
    > If possible we would like to
    > be able to set the box with
    > display ALWAYS up including
    > through reboot and use of x11vnc.
    > We would like the display
    > always on unless I became
    > root and deliberately
    > changed it. Is this possible?
    > Another problem is that xset
    > refuses to work from a remote
    > box by ssh, even if we have
    > added the remote box's name
    > or IP with xhost.

    Amie Gibson
    Oklahoma Geological Survey Observatory
    Leonard, Ok.
  2. falko

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    I'm not sure what you mean with having the display up during a reboot?

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