How to Accept Multiple JSON Objects in a Spring Boot Request Body

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    I'm working on a Spring Boot project, and I need to create an API endpoint that accepts multiple JSON objects in the request body. These objects represent data that I want to process in bulk, but I'm not sure how to structure my controller method to handle this.
    Here's a simplified example of what I want to achieve:
    Let's say I have a JSON array like this:
            "name": "Product A",
            "price": 10.99
            "name": "Product B",
            "price": 19.99
            "name": "Product C",
            "price": 5.99
    I want to send this array in the request body and have my Spring Boot controller method process each object individually.

    public ResponseEntity<?> processProducts(@RequestBody List<Product> products) {
        // Process each product in the list
    How should my controller function be set up such that a POST request may receive and handle several JSON objects in the request body? Do I need to be aware of any annotations or setups in order to accomplish this? I tried looking for the answer on several sites, but I was unable to receive a good response. I'm looking for guidance on handling bulk data in the request body in Spring Boot effectively.

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