How to Close Servers Back Door?

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What's worse? A hacked firewall or a hacked server?

  1. Firewall I think

  2. Server of Course

  3. Server I think

  4. Firewall of Course

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  1. OpenSources

    OpenSources Member

    I have a pretty cool cluster of Debian 8 running the latest ISPconfig and Billing Module. Thanks to @till and the team.

    I have a few questions. Please take the poll.

    How could I close off a server to the point where if one password is lost the server locks down?
    Now I know that it's going to take a drastic set of permission changes, but I saw it some months ago in a Linux Locking Container. I don't even want to be able to rescue the machine with a PAM auth.

    So my second question is,
    How to make a Debian system evacuation?

    My interest in this type of evacuation comes from one of those new funky viruses that came out recently. The WanaCry. I'm not worried about it, but since I want to one day be an ISP I think a far-fetched plan would be good to have.

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