How to Configure Subdomains with Nginx nothings work.

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    NOTE: I rewrite my question, seems that second and third options were failing due to subdomain propagation, as now seems to be workign, but, in fact the first option, the recommended one, is still failing, why?

    I have used ISPConfig 3 from years ago, working with master - slaves or standalone, ever have used it with Apache, never have problems that can't be solved reading this forum.

    Now I have setted up a development purpose server at my job for domain Is a Debian9 + Nginx + MariaDb. I've have used Nginx because is used on our main domain, and I am trying to get the same stack for development. Nothing works, I've read a lot of threads about, but I haven't get it working.

    I explain my configuration.

    I have setted up firstly the main domain as a website: with auto www and let'sencryt, is ok.

    I'm trying to add a few domains of my setted up website but I have a lot of problems and I cannot get it work.

    I've added some dubdomains for testing, on each case I have created an index.html with only the name of the subdomain

    • I've added a subdomain as a websire
    • THIS OPTION IS WORKING (I live it to see original post before editing): I've added a "subdomain for website":, I've tryed any type of redirection, I setted up the redirect path to a subfolder created inside main domain (like we did ever on Apache versions). Nothing work, I alwais get the index from main domain
    • THIS OPTION IS WORKING (I live it to see original post before editing): I've added also an Alias domain with sub3, same problem
    Of course I have created CName records at domain registrar (ISPConfig is not managing DNS).

    What I'm doing bad. I've reading in forums that best way to add a subdomain is as a separate website. But in any case is ever not working.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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