How to correctly create a domain alias?

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Wade John Beckett, Jan 30, 2023.

  1. Wade John Beckett

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    Hi there,
    I trust you are well.

    I am wanting to set up an alias domain for a domain, specifically [subdomain].[domain].tld --> [domains].tld

    I am trying to understand best practice here, should I:
    • Add a sub domain, then do a redirect under the redirect tab, or
    • Add a domain under clients, then create the alias domain from this.
    I have the manual, but it seems to be a bit outdated.
  2. Taleman

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    Alias domain and subdomain are different things in ISPConfig Panel, Chapter Subdomain for website in Manual explains this.
    If you look at the Subdomain for Website page in ISPConfig Panel, you see the redirect is given when creating the subdomain. Usually it is the R,L redirect or R=301,L, this too is explained in manual, same chapter (if you use Apache. Nginx redirects I do not know about, but they too are explained in the manual).
  3. ahrasis

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    1. AliasDomain is not a redirect, at least not to me.
    2. Client tab is actually for creating client. You need to use Sites tab to create a website for a domain / subdomain.
    3. By the meaning in #1, for the domain, I would create a website Sites > Websites > Add New Website and for the alias domain I would create the alias Sites > AliasDomain (Vhost) > Add New AliasDomain.
    4. AliasDomain for website is another choice, and is different from AliasDomain (Vhost) alltogeter, but the basic is the former is without its own vhost but the latter has its own vhost.
    5. In my usage, where I am using nginx, an AliasDomain setup need to use its own vhost, so I choose the latter. So choose yours according to your needs.
    6. I think if you merely want to use a subdomain to redirect to other domain, you simple need to create it as a new website.

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