how to create a bridge to a virtual adapter for a KVM VM

Discussion in 'HOWTO-Related Questions' started by vcha, Oct 8, 2015.

  1. vcha

    vcha New Member

    I rent a dedicated server (centos 6.7) with 4 IP addresses assigned to an adapater (eth1, eth1:1,eth1:2,eth1:2).
    Using the howto here:
    I'm trying to create a bridge to eth1:2.
    The howto gave an example using eth0 and I copied substituting eth1:2 everywhere there was eth0. This didn't seem to work.

    What am I not understanding?
  2. What do you mean with 'This doesn't seem to work'? Could you explain a bit more what you experience and if you have any configurations and logs that would be helpfull
  3. vcha

    vcha New Member

    I was trying to use eth1:2 where the howto mentioned eth1. That didn't work.
    I need to spend some time wrapping my brain around the terminology. A bridge isn't what I was thinking it was.
    Thanks for the response, tho. I need to RTM

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