How to create a subdomain with its own website if domain limits are activated?

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Donar, Jan 13, 2019.

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    // EDIT: I think I posted this to the wrong forum. Sorry about that ...

    I searched a bit in the forum but I didn't find an answer to this question.

    I want the client to be able to create a new website for a subdomain. When I enable the domain limits though, the client can only select the domain from a dropdown with all domains they own (which means they can't add new websites at all, because the domain must be unique).
    The client is able to create subdomains to any of their domains under "Subdomains", but those subdomains don't come with actual webspace.

    The best solution I found was to redirect subdomains to folders of the main website's webspace, but that's only a mediocre solution, since it's not really intuitive to the user and it clutters the folder of the main website up with subfolders (which would also be a big problem when the user tries to install a package in a resource folder of the main website).

    Is there maybe a better solution to my problem, that I'm somehow missing?

    If I allow the user to freely type in a domain, they could basically configure any domain that is configured for the server (since I'm using wildcards in the external DNS, I can't configure all possibilities).

    In my opinion it would make sense to have a "subdomain" field when creating a new website and domain limits are enabled. I feel like that's a pretty common use case. It would imo also make sense to have the domain limit setting per client; a reseller account that can't create new websites isn't worth much.
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    there are options in 'main config' to create subdomains as a website. that'll let you create a website, although it'll still be in the main domains folder structure, so the main domain needs to exist as a website on the server as well.

    otherwise, where you assign a domain to the client under clients -> domains. you would need to assign the full subdomain.domain.tld to the client. and then the subdomain will appear in the dropdown when they choose to add a new website. this way it'll be fully standalone with no requirement for the main domain to exist as a site on the system at all.

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