How to DNS setup?

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by topimerah, Jan 13, 2006.

  1. topimerah

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    Do you know somewhere a HOW to DNS?. Or help me out this.
    Here what I have:
    I bought domain name from yahoo only $2.99/year pretty cheap :D.
    I can add A record or CNAME record. I added A records for *,,,, all point to my xternal ip, and CNAME point to yahoo (i dont think this is right). All mail still point to yahoo. And Nameserver still point to and

    I also bought an domain from godaddy cost $8/year :mad:.

    my Questions is:
    I still confusing with DNS thingi, but what is the correct way to set it up at yahoo. I want point to my own DNS at, how to do set it up in ISPconfig?.

    Thank in advance for help or direction.
  2. mantasman

    mantasman New Member

    as i prefer hosting dns on my server, i do so:
    1. point domain to my name servers (for example,
    2. set up dns trough ISPconfig. login as admin and then dns management in the top menu.
    3. everything should work :)

    you can test if everything is set-uped correctly at
  3. topimerah

    topimerah New Member

    well dont you need to register to begin with?. so other internet will know where is
  4. falko

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  5. topimerah

    topimerah New Member

    Falko & till,
    You guys are great. Thanks a lot. That explained my confusion.

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