How to - email server... my ip is listed on some blacklist sites

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by brisk, Dec 21, 2018.

  1. brisk

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    I am so frustrated, my server's ip is still listed on some of the blacklist sites.

    I have all servers on one machine, one ip (web, dns, email etc)

    Server host name is
    I have configed the reverse DNS to be as well

    I host about 10 sites on my server, let's see, etc.
    I want to have he following emails, such as [email protected], [email protected] etc.
    and these sites are owned by me, so there is no spams from these emails.

    So is there any tutorials on how to get these working so these blacklist sites won't list me?

    One thing I am not sure is the smtp server name. Since I only have one ip/physical server, and the rDNS is point to my main server, which is So when I send email from [email protected], should I use as SMTP? or (they both point to the same ip)... but if I use, then the email domain is different than the smtp domain, but if i use as smpt server, then the rDNS won't match... so how does it work?

    Please help

  2. brisk

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  3. brisk

    brisk Member

    this is the mail-tester report

  4. Taleman

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    Set in DNS the MX record to (since that is what rDNS returns.
    Do this for all your domains that send e-mails.
    Set your mail server name to
    That gets your setup good enough tp send mail.
    Your IP number may be on black lists due to it sending spam sometime in the past, before you got that IP. Make sure your server is not sending spam, then contact each of those blacklists to get your IP removed.
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  5. brisk

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    @Taleman Thanks! MX record is something I have missed.
    I will contact them to get the IP unlisted. (hopefully)

    thank you again!

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