How to enable webmail existing ispconfig?

Discussion in 'General' started by nurullah, Sep 22, 2022.

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    1 year ago I installed an ispconfig3. We did not set up the e-mail service because we did not need it at that time. But now we needed an email service. For this, I opened the email setting from the server service. I have added an email domain. I opened a mailbox. But when I go to I get 404 (nginx) error. I guess there is no roundbube.

    My question is how to set up webmail on an already installed ispconfig. Can I enable users to send mail from browsers?

    Thank you from now
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  3. till

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    Thank you for your interest. @Taleman
    Installed on ubuntu 18.04. The automatic installation script of ispconfig was used for the installation. I even installed it accordingly.
    I was going to give a link but it doesn't send the post. I deleted the link

    Thank you for your interest. @till
    I tried these too. But I always got 404

    Where else can I look? So how can I activate the email server here. I wish I could change something with the same script
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    Sorry, I missed the point in your first post where you mentioned that you did not install mail services. Software that you did not install can not be used of course. You can not turn on mail service like this if you choose to not install applications required for mail service on your system at the initial installation.
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    We do not provide an auto installer for Ubuntu 18.04, the auto-installer provided by the ISPConfig project supports just Ubuntu 20.04, Debian 10 and Debian 11, so you probably used an install script from a third-party vendor. Might be that the installation via this third-party script was incomplete. I recommend using the official install guide for ISPConfig on Ubuntu 18.04, go trough the chapter that set up the mail services and roundcube to take care all necessary software is installed.

    For apache:
    For Nginx:
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    The installer actually supports Ubuntu 18.04 ;)
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    Oh yeah, I see it on the GIT system now. We just don't have instructions for that published at Howtoforge or
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    I understand, then I will apply the mailman, postfix and roundcube settings in the link you sent and let me know.

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