How to figure out the correct IP Address(es) during installation?

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    I am a newbie to Linux :D and found "The Perfect Setup - Fedora Core 4" :eek: tutorial. I am curious about the IP address section when configuring eth0? Where did you find the IP address or better yet how did you figure out the correct IP ADDRESSES? I know some of you might be laughing at me, but I truly don't get it? Did you just create it out of the blue or are there commands to figure that out? If so, how when you are applying the IP address during the actual configuration of the FC4 installation. I have a Linksys router which is my firewall as well as am hoping that someone can point me in the right direction soon.

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    You can't simply make up an IP address, you have to take an IP address that's in your network and is free.

    Example: your router has the internal IP address and uses - for DHCP. Then you could for example take for your server (unless that IP address is used by another system in your network); the network is, the broadcast, the netmask, and the gateway

    You could also take for example, but as this IP address is in the router's DHCP range, it is possible that the router assigns this IP address to another system in your network, and then the two systems collide...

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