How to fix mixed language problem when logged in as admin?

Discussion in 'General' started by haywire, Feb 19, 2016.

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    Hey everyone been a long-time lurker, so this is my first post. I'm a huge fan of ISPConfig, though, so thanks for your work and all the forum help everyone has contributed. :)

    I have had a minor issue that has been around since my original squeeze install. I now have Jessie installed with ISPConfig

    When logged in as admin, my interface is a mix of English and Romanian? Most of the interface is in English but almost every page within ISPConfig3 has a part that outputs in Romanian.

    Example: When I click the system tab all text is in English, but the left Navigation menu lists as:
    Editor Limba
    Limba noua

    in the DNS Zone, it lists as:

    Tools Tab Navigation Menu:
    Setari User
    Parola si Limba

    I have read almost every language post but have never been able to figure out how to fix this issue... The issue does not seem to affect individual user accounts when logged in to ISPConfig it only occurs to the admin.


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    There is no complete Romanian translation available, all translations (except English and German) are contributed by the users. When new functions get added then we can only add them in English as none of our developers speaks Romanian. It would be nice if you could help us to get the Romanian translation up to date.

    Use the language editor to fix the missing translations on your server, you can find it in the System module. When you are satisfied with the new translation, then export the Romanian language file and send it by email to dev [at] ispconfig [at] org.
  3. haywire

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    Thank for the reply to my problem! It was sorted, I wasn't clear that I wanted English!

    lol It was a simple mistake.. Here's what I found:

    I double checked both config files were set for EN, that wasn't it... Next, I thought possibly I had merged language files together, so I replaced all the EN.lng files (that was fun), which wasn't the case because it didn't change the translations back to English.

    I finally noticed after logging into the ISPConfig demo setup that my Languages File Editor drop-down was set for RO, but the Demo was set at EN, and everything in my configs were EN!!

    Then it hit me! I was not logged in using the default 'admin' account that I had disabled. I enabled it and everything was in English!

    That led me to: User CP
    WARNING: Do not edit or modify any user settings here. Use the Client- and Reseller settings in the Client module instead. Modifying or changing Users or groups here may cause data loss!

    I never thought to look there, but I opened my regular admin user account in that section, and in there I somehow had it set for RO..

    That's one issue down and makes it a lot easier to admin, lol.

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