How to install a CentOs 5.0 Desktop?

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    How to install a CentOs 5.0 Desktop? Like KDE/Gnome?

    Hey, I'm trying to install VMWare, but on the tutorial, CentOs 5.0 already has a desktop on it.

    I tried trial and error about 20 times, and eventually got a "kind of" working 'desktop'. It gives errors when I log on via TightVNC, and there's missing Icons, and Menu's at the top... I want to re-install.

    Is there a guide on how to setup a desktop for CentOs? After I install the desktop, I eventually will use the VMware guide on here.

    ps: If I try to install GNOME with yum, I get "Missing Dependency: httpd >= 2.2.0 is needed by package gnome-user-share"

    But apache is already installed because I have Cpanel v11.
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    If you're installing a fresh CentOS system, you can tell the installer that you'd like to install a GNOME desktop.

    If it's an existing system, you can search for GNOME packages like this:
    yum search gnome

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