How to install ISPconfig 3.1 for a multi server setup, web server(web,ftp,mail) and db server(db,dns

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    Hey guys!
    Ubuntu live server 18.04
    I have never used ISPconfig yet, and I'd like to install it. The goal is to make a hosting server using 2 servers the first server is: web server(web,ftp,mail) and the second one is a database server(database,dns). How should I proceed? Should I just install ISPconfig on both of them, or is it enough to install it on the web server, and I could connect the database server to the web server?
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    Basically other than required softwares for each respective server, you need to install ISPConfig on both servers via expert mode where you can choose what to activate in the first and second server.

    By default setup, you need to install database in both servers as it is needed by ISPConfig.

    That is said, it is also possible to separate database to one other server but I think you need to be more technical for them to properly work.
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