How to install PHP 7.4 on a Debian 8 jessie?

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by rodrigosarri, Sep 6, 2020.

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    Hello guys, how are you?

    I need to install the latest version of PHP (7.4.10), however I didn't find an easy way to do this in the Debian 8 jessie version.

    I tried to follow this step by step:

    But I noticed that it doesn't exist for the jessie distribution:

    I looked for other tutorials on the internet using other forms using the repository: ppa: ondrej / php, but it is only for Ubuntu version.

    Why do I need PHP 7.4?
    I'm using Laravel on the backend in its latest version and the more updated the PHP version is, the better.

    Why do I still use Debian 8?

    Because the server is in a data center that uses Virtuozzo as Virtualization and I cannot upgrade to Debian 9 or Debian 10 (data center support information).

    Can you help me?

    Thanks for any help.
  2. Steini86

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    You are a few weeks too late. When the long-term support for Debian8 ended, Sury removed his Debian8 Repository:
    You can compile it yourself, but that will create a lot of problems.
    If they only support dead software, you should migrate to another datacenter. My guess is that upgrading is no problem and they just don't want to support it (or you).
    If you can (no production system, or you can handle some downtime), make a backup and try to upgrade!
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    I compiled and installed PHP 7.4.10 on a server running Debian 8 just this morning and wrote a "memo" for my self about it:

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