How to install RoR php apache2 Mysql java on Debian 4

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  1. noaptus

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    Hello everyone, and thanx fore goot How to's.

    I whose wondering if some one cane help me. I have Debian 4 installed on my home server.

    I am trying to install Ruby on Rails apache2 php mysql java on that CP. But the thing is that i am lost, i don't know how to this, dont know how to install a website on RoR.

    And is my best friend att them moment :)

    duing a google search is an good thing but when i find a tutorial that i hope is going to do the thing form me, No, It Wouldn't Happen.

    Please cane someone help me to understand. Cane some one point me to a good tutorial from A to Z How to install RoR Apache2 PhP phpMyAdmin Java MySql and how to use all of that to gether.

    I did bay a script that require RoR and mysql and php url is and the Demo is

    Arg im going crazy trying to install this script, do anyone know how to install this website.

    I do have 4 years in linux experience. :) the thing is that i dont know how to do this and i have to have manual from A to Z to understand how it works.


  2. falko

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  3. Jerusalem

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    RoR on Debian..

    Thanks Falko, it either help us a lot!!

    What is the best IDE for RoR at this moment?

    And "Noaptus", why did you need RoR in your hotel demo?
    We have a project to make in RoR and it's really fast development language.

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