How to move files from multiples folder to their parent directoy

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    i m using linux server.

    and want to move 100s of file to their parent directory.

    my current directory look like this.

    301/name 1/*.jpg
    302/name 2/*.jpg
    303/name 3/*.jpg
    860/name 4/*.jpg

    Parent folder name is in serial like 301, 302, 303 and so on till 860.
    But subfolder are different names containing jpg files.

    I want to move those jpg file from name1, name2, to 301, 302 and so on
    and i also dont want to delete those subfolder bcoz i have to copy their name to database.

    i just want to look like this after moving files.

    301/*.jpg, name 1
    302/*.jpg, name 2
    303/*.jpg, name 3
    860/*.jpg, name 4/

    i somehow got this thread.

    but cant able to figure it out, as i m newbie in it.

    so any help would be appreciated.
  2. nura235

    nura235 New Member

    no one know how to do this.

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