How to move whole site from ISPConfig to another host?

Discussion in 'General' started by Ivo, Nov 6, 2019.

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    I've been tasked to move a website from a host that has ISPConfig to another host. This is my first contact with ISPConfig. TL;DR: how do I obtain a complete tar.gz of the website? Meaning website files, DB,, DB users, mails, FTP users... basically everything.

    I tried creating new DB user - cannot log in phpmyadmin with it to make a copy of DB, it says wrong user/pass, I tried multiple stuff and multiple users.

    I tried to create a FTP user but the "web site" cited under on the FTP User form does not exist - or so says Filezilla. There's no info on port number, FTP/SFTP option, authentication options, host URL... nothing.

    I also checked backups - none existing, so I set daily backups but it doesn't state anywhere when exactly these backups will be performed, what do they actually back up and in what format.

    After searching and reading a lot on this forum, I see I don't have to use domain secret as I initially thought, will just change DNS nameservers ones the move is complete.

    Please help, kind regards.
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    Contact the hoster which runs that server and ask him for the required details of the system he set up and maintains for your client or ask you client, he must have received all required details from his hoster. By deafult, ISPConfig uses standard ports for all services, that's why you normally don't need any additional details, but the hoster of that server might have changed it if you can't connect to default ports of services. The hostname should be clear, ist the domain of the website. The Protocol is FTP or FTPS for an FTP user, the protocol SFTP that you mentioned is not an FTP protocol, its SSH.

    You can dump the database by using phpmyadmin, use the existing user of that database or create another read-only user and assign it to the database in database settings. Creating a user without assigning it to a database must result in a login failure. For the files, create an FTP user and download them or switch on backups and then wait until next day as backups are created nightly. Then click on download backup, login by FTP and download the backup file from backup folder.
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    Thank you Mr Till. Contacting the host was actually the first thing I did, prior to posting here. So TL;DR for someone that googles here in the future, this is what happened:
    - A hosting provider finally replied back and gave me the EPP / Auth code needed to trigger the domain transfer
    - I enabled backup in ISPConfig and then once first one finished, downloaded all files and DB
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