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    Hello.. I am nubie here and I got problem with my debian server :

    I have domain at ( and I have pointing it to my own server by the Static IP (

    I also build second server as mail server for this domain, it's also static IP ( (

    OS Web server is debian etch x64 and Plesk 9.2 as control panel
    OS Mail server is debian etch x68 and zimbra 5 (ZCS)

    the problem is I can send email to inside and outside of the network, but I cannot receiving email from outside of my network and domain and here's some configuration at Mail Server

    since I cannot receiving emails so temporary I change IP of mail server at Total DNS at Godaddy to my web server (


    and here's DNS zone at Web Server (


    I have searching on the zimbra forum for this, I have checked that port 25 has not blocked by my ISP, I have try re-install zimbra twice and I disable DNS relay also rejected SMTP is unchecked but not working

    almost forgot, if I trying to restart bind it's always failed, and cannot be restarted : failed to connect connection refused

    somebody please help me for resolve this problem?
    many thanks and excuse me for my bad english

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