How to restore mail from a disk disaster standard ispconfig3/squirrelmail config

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    Perfect Server doc for centos6 was used to configure the original server.

    The 6.5 centos doc was used to configure the replacement server.

    Boot sector and /var/spool/mail had bad sectors system did not boot.

    Original disk was attached usb, and volume group imported on a new server build.

    mysql data restored from old disk, ispconfig3 data and directory structure were restored.

    All I had to do to get the new ispconfig3 services running was manually log on to the database as root and set the ispconfig password to the one hard coded in the clear text config file.

    Basically restored everything from the old /var to the new install.

    So my question is, where is all the old squirrelmail. I personally am out about 8 years of accumulated mail.

    There appears to be a directory structure under /var/vmail but this was restored. Still no old mail. Its got to be there somewhere on the old disk right?

    If it is at all possible to migrate the squirrelmail to mysql back end that would be nice.

    When this is done, I'm ripping out squirrelmail and going to a roundcube(store the mail in the frakking database) model.

    FYU using Galera MariaDB implementation as a mysql replacement. All the websites work great.


    Speak slowly I'm an HP-UX geek.
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    Squirrelmail is a mail client, it does not store any mails. you can use multiple mail clients with your mail account or even exchange them at any time, this has no influence on your email.

    The email itself is stored independantly form the client in /var/vmail. So all you have to do is to restore /var/vmail and the dbispconfig database from the old server to have all your mails and the complete mails etup back. Which mail client you use does not matter here.

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