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    Hi all,

    i am a new linux server and am very much satisified with the linux and the people in these linux communities are very helpful.

    To be frank, from the scratch i learned to install and run a LTSP server with Ubuntu 5.10 with the help and guidance from these type of forums

    Now, coming to my problem,

    all these times, i feel i had wasted lot of investments towards purchasing windows and its licenses for our operations, but we are gradually changing towards to the Linux environment.

    Before we could change fully to linux environment, we need to use the applications particularly written and can only be run on the windows environment, so i got stuck here.

    Please, i kindly request all of you over there to solve this problem.

    we have,

    One Linux Box - running LTSP and serving this 70+ clients

    one windows 2003 server with terminal server
    (at present i have valid licences for this 70+ clients)

    is there any way, i can save on the windows and terminal server cals, so that
    all my thin clients still can still run the windows program accessing the windows terminal services thru the main Linux box (running LTSP)

    or if i am wrong, please guide me a clear way, so that i ultimately save on the windows licenses cost.

    thanking you in advance


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