How to see website's error log

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    Right now one of my websites having problem to install wordpress theme's demo content (it keeps failing),when i contacted with author they said :
    "It seems to be something with server’s performance.
    Could you contact them and ask for error log? "
    Where should i look to find out what is the problem, i'm asking because when i check the admin panel->monitor->system messages log i couldn't find any log entry regarding web sites.

    Also at my current hosting company's server when an syntax error or any kind of error occured it automatically creates an error.log to root and you can preview to find out what is the problem. Is it possible to do same thing with ispconfig for each domain ? it's pretty handy :)
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    in ispconfig on ubuntu, with apache, each site has it's own logs,
    in /var/log/ispconfig/httpd/domainname.tld/
    which is also bind mounted to
    and is also available at

    using nginx, or a different os, eg centos, then I have no idea. and other hosting panels will make the logs available (or not) in different ways/locations.
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  3. Sheshman

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    with your explanation i found the logs and fix the problem,thank you

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