how to send welcome msg to active Maildir by webmin?

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  1. kenblat

    kenblat New Member

    I'm follow the TUTO setting firewall/gateway of you guys, everything look fine but I got problem when try to login squirellmail.

    after searching forum i know that we must send a welcome email to a user so that Mairdir will automatic create.

    As the TUTO you guys say that I can use webmin to send a welcome msg to the user, but i can't find out how to do this after click any where in Webmin's Postfix configuration TAB

    Pls help me out

    thanks much!

  2. kdclaver

    kdclaver New Member

  3. kenblat

    kenblat New Member

    Thank bro

    I try the command mail use the [email protected]main
    when finish i check Maildir but still zero ...
    May be because my domain name doesn't point to my server yet (right now u can't surf the domain to my server yet), so how can we send an email by "localhost" way?

    many Thanks
  4. SwellJoe

    SwellJoe New Member

    To send to localhost just leave off the domain name. So, if I'm [email protected], I'd just send to "joe" if I'm running mail on

    echo "Welcome text" | mail -s Welcome joe

    If you're using Virtualmin to create your accounts (either version), it takes care of all the gritty details, including sending a welcome message.

    Webmin does allow you to run an optional command on creation of a new user, but it's not specific to mail. But you could use that post-create command to send a welcome message...or anything else you wanted to do.
  5. kenblat

    kenblat New Member

    thanks so much for quick reply

    just found out that webmin have an options to create user folder when this acc created.

    if we do as this pictures, Maildir for this user will avaiable and offcourse webmail working smoothtly

    i try both way (from both of you) to send a msg to an old user (not create by webmin so that they don't have Maildir) but still can't receive any msg. So that i force create Maildir for an old acc

    mkdir -p /home/olduser/Maildir
    mkdir /home/olduser/Maildir/new
    mkdir /home/olduser/Maildir/cur
    mkdir /home/olduser/Maildir/tmp

    and chown -R olduser : olduser /home/olduser/*

    after that that olduser can log in webmail and as i mention above no msg in this acc, still don't know how to send mail via command

    anyway thanks both of you for helping me! U'r guru

    Best regards
  6. kenblat

    kenblat New Member

    after done with Maildir problem above, I got some weir error
    as you guys show me some command to send email to user, but there is no msg or mail in the user inbox (i don't mention about MX record here becoz fist i don't know how and why my users localhost can't mail to each other <<< it's must be wrong config in my server?)

    Note: if i use mail command and send mail to my my yahoo mail, i got mail in my YAHOO. => Myserver sending GOOD but refuse to receive mail

    Pls help me

  7. kenblat

    kenblat New Member

    fix the receive mail local already!

    when check /etc/postfix/ i found out, just becoz i install procmail after config webmail so mailbox_command turn out
    mailbox_command = procmail -a "$EXTENSION"

    while the TUTO said that mailbox_command =

    i change to fit the TUTO and i can mail local users each other damn good!

    Just wanna ask some questions about MX
    i know that if my domain is (or so
    www A my_static/dynamic_IP (to update domain
    and @ A my_static/dynamic_IP (to update domain

    MX record must be
    @ MX
    do we need to update record type A: mail of too? (mail A my_static/dynamic_IP <= to update domain
    but if my domain is (router is a hostname of and is alive) how can i setup an mx record for user mail: [email protected]

    my /etc/hosts is: localhost localhost router
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  8. falko

    falko Super Moderator Howtoforge Staff


    Like this: MX 10

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