How to set Server host name when using single server

Discussion in 'General' started by Nap, Feb 17, 2015.

  1. Nap

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    On my server, I'm running apache2, mysql, php, mail, dns and have SSL enabled. Basically the whole LAMP lot and more.
    The hostname of my server is xyz. This seems to conflict with the mail server settings I would like my clients to use, and the ns1/ns2 settings that DNS requires. And, since I'm using SSL, the hostname is important for the certificate. At the moment, I'm limited to a single server to do all these things.

    Since I've turned on TLS, my mail clients use xyz.mydomain.tld since this is what my certificate uses and Postfix doesn't support SNI. Before that, my clients were using mail.theirdomain.tld and it worked. But rather than xyz.mydomain.tld, I would like them to use mail.mydomain.tld. (This would be more complicated if I wanted to use pop3.mydomain.tld for incoming pop mail, imap.mydomain.tld for incoming imap mail, and smtp.mydomain.tld for outgoing mail.)

    When setting the DNS records at my client's registra's sites for their domains, I'm telling them to use; ns1.mydomain.tld and ns2.mydomain.tld (both of which point to the one server). I'm a bit confused how this is possible since the FQDN for my server is actually xyz.mydomain.tld, but it works. (I'm guessing that the NS Records overcome this.)

    Since the DNS settings for all these functions to the same IP, it seems that the hostname isn't really important, except for the SSL certificate.

    Hence my question. What is the best hostname to use that will cover all the services I'm running and minimise the number of certificates I need? Or am I over complicating the issue?

    Any advice would be most welcome.

  2. till

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    a subdomain of your company name. E.g. if your company has the domain mycompany.tld, then use e.g. server1.mycompany.tld as hostname for the first server. Other poeple use name of comic figures, greek gods or whatever you like as hostname.
  3. Nap

    Nap Member

    Ok, that's what I've done. Was wondering if this has implications on SSL certificates for HTTPS, Mail, and other service. At the moment I'm using self-signed certificates but am getting ready to get CA signed ones and want to minimise the number of them.

    @till: I sent you a PM concerning paid support. I'm not sure if the private messaging is enabled, so I thought I'ld check.

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