how to setup and connect my mail server with web server in different networks?

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  1. nikpacara

    nikpacara New Member

    hello everyone,
    i am building my new mail server and my new web server in different networks with different public ip. And i am little bit confused in how to configure and connect my mail server with my domain (web server).

    web server ip is: XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX
    mail server ip is: yyy.yyy.yyy.yyy

    i have attached topology of my network.

    any advice will be appreciated.


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  2. zcworld

    zcworld New Member

    any more info on what you are trying to do
    would be nice

    but from what i see / trying to understand there
    its like this

    your WWW server is hosted somewhere else
    and you mail server is like at home

    i take it you got the mail accounts and the SMTP/POP/IMap installed and working there

    all you need to do is setup in the DNS records to point to your other IP address (IP of mail server) and wait for the DNS changes to kick in and stuff and test it out

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