How to setup external mail servers?

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by mxc, Jul 15, 2006.

  1. mxc

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    Hi all,

    Here is the situation. I have a web site on ispconfig which uses joomla and its form to email contact us form. The email address that is used is an alias. i.e. [email protected]. I have updated the MX record locally to point to the external mail server. I have changed the "MailServer" drop down to "External Mail Server" on the option tab under site management.

    When the application sends an email I want it to just simple lookup the MX record and then send off the email. Users and aliases are defined on the external mail server. I seem that postfix insists on doing a local resolution before sending.

    How can I get ispconfig to send all emails to the external mail server without trying to do any resolution itself?

  2. falko

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    Select "External Mailserver" on the "Options" tab. If your web site is, this will prevent ISPConfig from configuring in Postfix. But normally you don't have email addresses like [email protected], but [email protected]. To prevent ISPConfig from configuring in Postfix, go to the Co-Domains tab, select the appropriate Co-Domain, go to the "Options" tab and select "External Mailserver".

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